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Northern Ireland


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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Ballinskelligs, Ireland
 Kirkcaldy, Scotland
 East London, England
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 England Scotland

Top Reviews in Ballinskelligs, Ireland:

Skellig Hostel Read all 2 full reviews for Skellig Hostel

Skellig Hostel
Amazing welcome. Beautiful place. Cannot wait to go back. Spotless and always someone there to help. ...
This is a lovely Hostel. Its very reasonable in cost, clean & cheerful. It has a awesome kitchen ...

The Old School House Read all 2 full reviews for The Old School House

The Old School House
Bed and breakfast
all i needed and more the children where happy there and the owners took time with us to share some  ...
we where tired and hungry when we reached this old school but inside was homely with an open fire an ...

Top Reviews in Kirkcaldy, Scotland:

Scotties B and B Read all 2 full reviews for Scotties B and B

15 Bennochy Road
Bed and breakfast
Reviewed 11 December 2014  I can recommend this B&B unreservedly.     From the friendly we ...
車があれば,エジンバラから結構近いし,エジンバラの観光やハイランド ...

Top Reviews in East London, England:

Cranbrook Hotel Read 1 full review for Cranbrook Hotel

22/24 Coventry Road,
We traveled as a couple for 2 nights here at the Hotel. The moment you walked in there was a very fr ...

House 176 London Read all 2 full reviews for House 176 London

176 Commercial Road
I used this apartnent as a budget room in London. It is v basic - OK if you are a student but wont b ...
the place is nice, location is good, the staff is friendly. I stayed in one of the apt in 519 commer ...

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Northern Ireland

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