Via Carlo Alberto 20


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Bed and breakfast

16th Century Alpine house English family run B&B in the Italian Alps

Belvedere Bed and Breakfast - Get cheap hostel rates and check availability in Fenestrelle 8 photos

  Thu 03-Feb-2022  -  Fri 04-Feb-2022 (1 night)

€80.00 room per night
Double (with 2 beds)
Breakfast included    Private bath   

48.5 km (30.1 mi) from search location
Regione Paracollo 29


Ostello - b&b - area verde - Parco del Po Cuneese

  Thu 03-Feb-2022  -  Fri 04-Feb-2022 (1 night)

€17.00 person per night
Camera Disabile ( Disabled) (with 2 beds)
Breakfast included    Private bath   
€17.00 bed per night
Camerate 2 (with 24 beds)
Breakfast included    Shared bath    Linens included   
€23.00 person per night
Cameretta (with 2 beds)
Breakfast included    Shared bath   

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