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बेस्ट हॉस्टल डील और बैकपैकर हॉस्टल में Italy

बैकपैकर हॉस्टल Italy
बैकपैकर हॉस्टल Italy

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यहां सबसे लोकप्रिय गंतव्य शहरों में सर्वश्रेष्ठ रेटेड हॉस्टल हैं।  अपने पसंदीदा शहरों के पास सभी संपत्तियों में अपनी खोज का विस्तार करने के लिए एक स्थान का चयन करें। तुरन्त ऑनलाइन आरक्षित करने के लिए अभी बुक का चयन करें।

शीर्ष रेटेड स्थान:

Cefalu, Italy

Bohemien Bed and Breakfast
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  4.3   (पढ़ें समीक्षा)
से दरें €90
Cefalu, Via Umberto I°, 15   
Bed and breakfast - Bed and Breakfast in the center of town
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Bed And Breakfast La Finestra Sul Parcoसे दरें €50
Cefalu, Contrada Mollo S. P. Km. 4, 500   
Bed and breakfast - If you want to spent a peaceful holiday and you look forward to visit Cefalù (an ancient town with its beautiful and summer atmosphere), you can realize your dreams, getting in touch with us.
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Art Hotel Atelier Sul Mareसे दरें €100
Cefalu, Via Cesare Battisti, 4   
Hotel - The Atelier sul Mare is a museum-hotel of contemporary art unprecedented in the world just few meters from a wonderful sea, situated at Castel di Tusa (Me), near Cefalù, on the coast between Messina and Palermo.
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Bed and Breakfast Palazzo Villelmiसे दरें €70
Cefalu, Corso Ruggero, 149   
Bed and breakfast - Nice and comfortable bed and breakfast located in Cefalu Duomo square with a terrace sea view. This establishment is currently being managed by the Provenza family and has just recently been restored.
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Case Villelmi al Duomoसे दरें €70
Cefalu, Corso Ruggero, 149   
Bed and breakfast - We offer four small, comfortable, fully-equipped apartments for you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the heart of wonderful Cefalu, which has been visited for centuries by travelers from all over the world.
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Pineta Sul Mare BnBसे दरें €65
Cefalu, S. S. 113 Km 177, 5   
Bed and breakfast - 70 mt. from the sea, Pineta sul Mare B & B is surrounded by greenery, in a place that has preserved the charm of nature.
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BnB Pepito Cefaluसे दरें €70
Cefalu, Via Antonelo Da Messina 9   
Bed and breakfast - Benvenuto in Sicilia! Il b&b Pepito Cefalù è lieto di offrirvi il meglio della nostra terra in due differenti location: Finale di Pollina e Cefalù. Entrambi situati in posizioni strategiche,a due passi dal mare e dalla stazione tr
अभी बुक करें
यहाँ क्लिक करें
Palazzo Rahoसे दरें €90
Cefalu, Via 25 Novembre 47   
Bed and breakfast - bb Palazzo Raho
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Trapani, Italy

Casa del Marinaio
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  4.3   (पढ़ें 3 समीक्षा)
से दरें €50
Trapani, Via Cassaretto, 42   
Apartment - Abita Appartamenti, Vi propone soggiorni Low Cost, presentandoVi alcuni appartamenti, situati al centro storico, a due passi dall'imbarco per le isole Egadi, custoditi all'interno di un palazzo che fu in passato, dimora dei vecchi marinai trapanesi.
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B and B Casa Trapani
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  3.0   (पढ़ें समीक्षा)
से दरें €43
Trapani, Via Livio Bassi, 196   
Bed and breakfast - Recently renewed comforting Chambers are accessoriated of conditioned air, television satellitar, refrigerator, bathes in room, hairdryer, use cooks, and furnished of the whole necessary laundry, furnished as a hotel!
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Casa Malvarosa
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  2.7   (पढ़ें 4 समीक्षा)
से दरें €20
Trapani, Via Don Matteo N°9   
Guesthouse - L 'old stable starting nineteenth just a stone's throw from the beaches of Trapani where it landed Enea, in an atmosphere of another era rule where the smell of the sea and smells of sweet typical cuisine.
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Cortile di Venereसे दरें €36
Trapani, Vico Distretto, 7   
Bed and breakfast - The B&B rises in the heart of the historical center in Trapani in a typical and ancient courtyard of the old city; its strategic position allows to reach the buses (Airport Trapani-Birgi) and trains stations in less than 5 minutes on foot.
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BB Al Portoसे दरें €54
Trapani, Via Raisi, 10   
Bed and breakfast - Al Porto is a Bed & Breakfast located in the city center of Trapani.
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La Giaraसे दरें €48
Trapani, Via Archi, 186   
अभी बुक करें
यहाँ क्लिक करें
Residence Cortile Merceसे दरें €70
Trapani, Via Mercè, 40   
Bed and breakfast - Located in the old Trapani centre, a few minutes from the Port, National Railway Station and other public transport facilities. It functions as a B&B, Hotel and offers a choice of self-catering apartments. Friendly and professional atmosphere.
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Almaran BBसे दरें €50
Trapani, Via San Cristoforo, 8   
Bed and breakfast - Almaran BB in Trapani city, bus stop to airports to 50 mts, boarding to Egadian isalnds and Pantelleria to 50 mts.
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SoleTerraLunaसे दरें €48
Trapani, Via Livio Bassi, 185   
Bed and breakfast - L’indipendenza di un appartamento, la semplicità di un arredamento scelto con gusto che si unisce alla praticità della posizione strategica
अभी बुक करें
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Bed and Breakfast Triskeleसे दरें €65
Trapani, Via Mazzasita N. 64   
Bed and breakfast - Surrounded by a beautiful garden, to few kilometers from the island of Mothia, center of a rich Phoenician installation preserved perfectly, rises the Bed & Breakfast "Triskele".
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Pousada Noirसे दरें €55
Trapani, Via G. B. Fradella 128 - 130   
Bed and breakfast - The Pousada Noir is located in Trapani, along the street G.B. Fardella, the most important street of the town. Its very favorable position is ideal to visit the town and to reach easily the beaches of Trapani.
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La Lamparaसे दरें €70
Trapani, Via Cassaretto, 62   
Apartment - Residence a Trapani, nel centro storico
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Baglio Titaसे दरें €56
Trapani, Via Salemi, 124   
Bed and breakfast - BAGLIO TITA is a typical west side Sicily building, it’s particularity is being near town centre and to cultural and naturalistic sites
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Vacanza Trapaniसे दरें €54
Trapani, Vicolo Baluardo   
Apartment - studio apartment self catering on the harbour of Trapani, near Ammiraglio Staiti street, newly renovated, nicely furnished: Bathroom with shower, Air Conditioning, Equipped Kitchen, Hair dryer, TV, Fridge, Hot
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Palazzo Dei Corsariसे दरें €49
Trapani, Via Giuseppe Barlotta, 25   
Apartment - Residence a Trapani, nel centro storico
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B and B Centraleसे दरें €20
Trapani, Via XXX Gennaio, 27   
Vacation rental - Centrale al centro di Trapani
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Villa Delle Palme Delfinaसे दरें €33
Trapani, Via Viale Crocci Km. 1, 6 Strada Trapani-Crocci   
अभी बुक करें
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Delle Arti GuestHouseसे दरें €140
Trapani, Via Delle Arti , 4   
Apartment - appartamento in stile minimalista per il vostro completo relax nella città d'arte e di mare,Trapani
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Livorno, Italy

Albergo Houston
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  4.1   (पढ़ें 3 समीक्षा)
से दरें €30
Livorno, Viale Francesco Petrarca, 134   
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Houston Hotel
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  4.1   (पढ़ें समीक्षा)
से दरें €40
Livorno, Viale Francesco Petrarca, 134   
Hostel - Inexpensive, clean family owned hostel/hotel in Livorno: central location to tour Tuscany. 30 minutes from Pisa 1.30 hr away from Florence and surrounded by great beaches, food and art! Livorno's only English Speaking hotel
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La Casa Di Ulisse Bed and Breakfastसे दरें €85
Livorno, Via Vitalba 3   
Bed and breakfast - A quiet charming B&B on the coast of Tuscany, La Casa di Ulisse is managed by the owner. Near to the sea, it is the ideal stay to travel in Tuscany and enjoy a relaxing holiday. The house is on the hill, with a fine view on the sea
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Giappone Inn Parking Hotelसे दरें €112
Livorno, Via Grande, 65   
Hotel - The Giappone Inn hotel is located in the trade centre of the city of Livorno. It is a few hundred metres from the port of Mediceo and 1 km. from the train station. The hotel has a private garage and a very good bar and restaurant with a large video room.
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Cagliari, Italy

Il Girasole Bed and Breakfast
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  3.0   (पढ़ें समीक्षा)
से दरें €80
Cagliari, Vico Barcellona, 6   
Bed and breakfast - Intimate and relaxed atmosphere, two steps from turquoise sea and white sand beaches.
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Casa del Reyसे दरें €62
Cagliari, Via Giardini, 15   
Hotel - Casa del Rey - B&B & casa vacanze - B&B & home holidays
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B and B Menzusसे दरें €60
Cagliari, Via Pierluigi da Palestrina, 25   
Bed and breakfast - B&B raffinato al centro residenziale della città
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Tajसे दरें €40
Cagliari, Viale Trieste   
Bed and breakfast - cosy in south sardinia
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B and B Al Solemarसे दरें €50
Cagliari, Viale Diaz 150   
House rental - Affittacamere Guest Hose Ara. Emozionati in città con poco!
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Salerno, Italy

Hostel Koine
प्रयोक्ता श्रेणी:  3.0   (पढ़ें समीक्षा)
से दरें €12
Salerno, Via Luigi Guercio - Traversa Napolitano, 10   
Hostel - Home cheap Home! Located on the first floor of a modern building in the heart of Salerno, this price conscious hostel is 12 euro per person per night...
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Ai Bastioniसे दरें €68
Salerno, Via Bastioni, 19   
Bed and breakfast - B&B Ai Bastioni
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Il Melograno in Costa D'Amalfiसे दरें €80
Salerno, Via Celestino Guariglia, 38   
Bed and breakfast - magnificient sea view and best hospitality, Italian Style
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Monolocale Alarioसे दरें €60
Salerno, Piazza Alario   
Apartment - Accogliente monolocale in centro per 2 persone
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Bari, Italy

Olive Treeसे दरें €23
Bari, Via Scipione Crisanzio, 90   
Hostel - Olive Tree, the new and improved version of the original and award winning Little Olive Tree
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Bed and Breakfast F.G.से दरें €35
Bari, Via Palo, 77   
अभी बुक करें
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Barletta, Italy

Le Statuineसे दरें €48
Barletta, Via Lacerenza 13   
Bed and breakfast - Private suite with comfortable bedroom, relax area, kitchen and 2 bathroom
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Bad and Breakfast La Cattedraleसे दरें €50
Barletta, Via Santa Marta, 55   
Bed and breakfast - La Cattedrale Bed&breakfast Barletta nella parte più bella del centro storico . "THE BEST PLACE"
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Domatiaसे दरें €60
Barletta, Via Riczio, 20   
Bed and breakfast - BEB DOMATIA
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Genoa, Italy

Manena Hostelसे दरें €20
Genoa, Vico Alla Chiesa Della Maddalena   
Hostel - Best located and cheapest hostel in Genova city center: we're the only one with no curfew/lockout and don't forget to join our walkin tours and pub crawls
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Lucca, Italy

Residenza Centro Storicoसे दरें €80
Lucca, Corte Portici, 16   
Bed and breakfast - Our accomodation is in a wonderful location in the center of Lucca near everything of interesting and near every our customer need every day. Our room has private or common bathroom are well equipped with television,phon,fridge,microwave,safety-box &
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Alle Bifore Guest Houseसे दरें €100
Lucca, Via Fillungo, 5   
Guesthouse - An elegant guest house located in the historic center of Lucca.
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Il Casale di Nanniसे दरें €55
Lucca, Via San Donato , 983   
Bed and breakfast - Il Bed and Breakfast “Il Casale di Nanni” si trova appena fuori la bellissima città Lucca (appena 1 Km...) con le sue uniche mura cinquecentesche che la circondano, ma allo stesso tempo è immerso nella quieta campagna.
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BnB Not only Pinocchioसे दरें €50
Lucca, Via V-Emanuele 7 Boveglio   
Bed and breakfast - caratterisco in a medieval village just 15m from Collodi and the spa baths of Lucca, a charming B & B welcoming and equipped with all the comforts
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BnB Primaveraसे दरें €45
Lucca, Via Brunero Paoli, 19   
Bed and breakfast - B&B Primavera si trova nel centro storico della citta di lucca .Abbiamo due appartamenti con ciascuno di 3 camere singole doppie e triple.
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BnB Villa Sunriseसे दरें €30
Lucca, Via di Vicopelago e di Pozzuolo, 403   
Bed and breakfast - B&B Villa Sunrise is located in Lucca, at 5 minutes to the city center. It's the first bed & breakfas muscial in Lucca. Rich breakfast with homemade produtcs and tipycal tuscan
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Monopoli, Italy

BnB Masseria S.D. di Manchisiसे दरें €50
Monopoli, Cozzana 468   
Bed and breakfast - Monastero Domenicano ristrutturato risalente al 1400, con ampi spazi verdi
अभी बुक करें
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Bed and Breakfast Bellavistaसे दरें €200
Monopoli, Via San Vito, 11   
Bed and breakfast - Bed and Breakfast Bellavista in the heart of Historic Center on the sea in the old wall of the city of '500
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बेस्ट हॉस्टल डील और सस्ते हॉस्टल में Italy - Euro Hostel Traveler.

में शहरों के लिए अधिक शीर्ष रेटेड आवास Italy:

Acate हॉस्टल
Aci Castello हॉस्टल
Aci Sant'Antonio हॉस्टल
Acireale हॉस्टल
Acquappesa हॉस्टल
Agerola हॉस्टल
Agrigento हॉस्टल
Agropoli हॉस्टल
Airport Pisa हॉस्टल
Albenga हॉस्टल
Alberobello हॉस्टल
Alcamo Marina हॉस्टल
Alezio हॉस्टल
Alghero हॉस्टल
Alleghe हॉस्टल
Altomonte हॉस्टल
Amalfi हॉस्टल
Amantea Campora San Giovanni हॉस्टल
Amelia हॉस्टल
Anacapri हॉस्टल
Anagni हॉस्टल
Andria हॉस्टल
Bannio Anzino हॉस्टल
Anzio हॉस्टल
Aosta हॉस्टल
Aquileia हॉस्टल
Arbus हॉस्टल
Arce हॉस्टल
Arezzo हॉस्टल
Argelato हॉस्टल
Arzachena हॉस्टल
Asciano Siena हॉस्टल
Ascoli Piceno हॉस्टल
Assisi हॉस्टल
Asti हॉस्टल
Atrani हॉस्टल
Badolato हॉस्टल
Bagni Di Lucca हॉस्टल
Bagno a Ripoli हॉस्टल
Balestrate हॉस्टल
Barano d'Ischia हॉस्टल
Barberino Val d'Elsa हॉस्टल
Bardonecchia हॉस्टल
Bari हॉस्टल
Barletta हॉस्टल
Bastia Umbra हॉस्टल
Bedizzole हॉस्टल
Belforte all'Isauro हॉस्टल
Belpasso हॉस्टल
Belpasso Catania हॉस्टल
Bergamo हॉस्टल
Bettona हॉस्टल
Bevagna हॉस्टल
Bionaz हॉस्टल
Bitritto हॉस्टल
Bologna हॉस्टल
Bolognetta हॉस्टल
Breda Di Piave हॉस्टल
Breda di Piave हॉस्टल
Brescia हॉस्टल
Brindisi हॉस्टल
Brisighella हॉस्टल
Brusson हॉस्टल
Buseto Palizzolo हॉस्टल
Cabras हॉस्टल
Caccamo हॉस्टल
Cadoneghe हॉस्टल
Cadoneghe Padova हॉस्टल
Cagliari हॉस्टल
Calasetta हॉस्टल
Caltabellotta हॉस्टल
Caltagirone हॉस्टल
Campello sul Clitunno हॉस्टल
Campi Bisenzio हॉस्टल
Caneva हॉस्टल
Cannara हॉस्टल
Canosa di Puglia हॉस्टल
Cantarana हॉस्टल
Capaccio हॉस्टल
Capannori हॉस्टल
Capo d'Orlando हॉस्टल
Caprarica di Lecce हॉस्टल
Capri हॉस्टल
Caprie हॉस्टल
Carbonera हॉस्टल
Carini हॉस्टल
Carrara हॉस्टल
Casale Monferrato हॉस्टल
Caserta हॉस्टल
Casnate con Bernate हॉस्टल
Casole D'elsa हॉस्टल
Cassine हॉस्टल
Castel Madama हॉस्टल
Castelgandolfo हॉस्टल
Castellalto हॉस्टल
Castellammare del Golfo हॉस्टल
Castellana Grotte हॉस्टल
Castellina in Chianti हॉस्टल
Castelnuovo del Garda हॉस्टल
Castelnuovo di Garfagnana हॉस्टल
Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina हॉस्टल
Castiglione di Sicilia हॉस्टल
Castiglione Messer Raimondo हॉस्टल
Castro Marina हॉस्टल
Castronno हॉस्टल
Catania हॉस्टल
Cava de' Tirreni हॉस्टल
Cavaion Veronese हॉस्टल
Cave हॉस्टल
Cavriglia हॉस्टल
Cefalù हॉस्टल
Cefalu - Pollina हॉस्टल
Cellai हॉस्टल
Centola Palinuro हॉस्टल
Certaldo हॉस्टल
Cerveteri हॉस्टल
Cervia हॉस्टल
Cessapalombo हॉस्टल
Chianti Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa हॉस्टल
Chiusi हॉस्टल
Ciampino हॉस्टल
Cingoli हॉस्टल
Cinisi हॉस्टल
Cinque Terre हॉस्टल
Cirò Marina हॉस्टल
Civitavecchia हॉस्टल
Collazzone हॉस्टल
Colle Isarco हॉस्टल
Colli di Fontanelle हॉस्टल
Como हॉस्टल
Conegliano हॉस्टल
Corato हॉस्टल
Corciano हॉस्टल
Cortona हॉस्टल
Cosenza हॉस्टल
Costa Paradiso हॉस्टल
Cuggiono हॉस्टल
Cuglieri हॉस्टल
Dalmine हॉस्टल
Danta di Cadore हॉस्टल
Dego हॉस्टल
Deiva Marina हॉस्टल
Delianuova हॉस्टल
Dolceacqua हॉस्टल
Dolo हॉस्टल
Dragoni हॉस्टल
Ercolano हॉस्टल
Erice हॉस्टल
Faenza हॉस्टल
Fano हॉस्टल
Fasano हॉस्टल
Felline हॉस्टल
Fenestrelle हॉस्टल
Ferrara हॉस्टल
Fiè allo Sciliar - Voels am Schlern हॉस्टल
Fiesole हॉस्टल
Firenze (Florence) हॉस्टल
Fiumefreddo Di Sicilia हॉस्टल
Fiumicino हॉस्टल
Florence (Firenze) हॉस्टल
Florence Impruneta हॉस्टल
Fobello हॉस्टल
Forio हॉस्टल
Formia हॉस्टल
Fossò हॉस्टल
Francavilla al Mare हॉस्टल
Francavilla di Sicilia हॉस्टल
Frascati हॉस्टल
Fregene हॉस्टल
Furore हॉस्टल
Gabicce Mare हॉस्टल
Gaiole In Chianti हॉस्टल
Galatina हॉस्टल
Gallico Marina हॉस्टल
Gambarie d'Aspromonte हॉस्टल
Gambassi Terme हॉस्टल
Genoa (Genova) हॉस्टल
Genova (Genoa) हॉस्टल
Giarre हॉस्टल
Giugliano in Campania हॉस्टल
Giulianello हॉस्टल
Golfo Aranci हॉस्टल
Grosseto हॉस्टल
Gubbio हॉस्टल
Idro हॉस्टल
Iglesias हॉस्टल
Irsina हॉस्टल
Ischia हॉस्टल
Joppolo हॉस्टल
L'aquila हॉस्टल
La Spezia हॉस्टल
Lecce हॉस्टल
Leffe हॉस्टल
Lerici हॉस्टल
Levanzo हॉस्टल
Lido di Roma हॉस्टल
Linguaglossa हॉस्टल
Lipari हॉस्टल
Livorno (Leghorn) हॉस्टल
Locri हॉस्टल
Loiri Porto San Paolo हॉस्टल
Loro Ciuffenna हॉस्टल
Lucca हॉस्टल
Macerata हॉस्टल
Magliano Sabina हॉस्टल
Maiori हॉस्टल
Malpensa Airport Milan हॉस्टल
Mantova हॉस्टल
Maracalagonis हॉस्टल
Marghera हॉस्टल
Marina di Pisa हॉस्टल
Marina di San Vito हॉस्टल
Marina di Varcaturo हॉस्टल
Marsala हॉस्टल
Marsciano - Perugia हॉस्टल
Martina Franca हॉस्टल
Massa Lubrense हॉस्टल
Massa Marittima हॉस्टल
Massa Lubrense हॉस्टल
Massarosa हॉस्टल
Massignano हॉस्टल
Matera हॉस्टल
Matino हॉस्टल
Mattinata हॉस्टल
Mazara del Vallo हॉस्टल
Melazzo हॉस्टल
Meleto-cavriglia हॉस्टल
Melpignano हॉस्टल
Menfi हॉस्टल
Messina हॉस्टल
Meta हॉस्टल
Miane हॉस्टल
Milano (Milan) हॉस्टल
Milano Due हॉस्टल
Milano Marittima हॉस्टल
Milazzo हॉस्टल
Milo हॉस्टल
Minerbio हॉस्टल
Miniera dell'Argentiera हॉस्टल
Mira हॉस्टल
Modena हॉस्टल
Modica हॉस्टल
Mombercelli हॉस्टल
Monopoli हॉस्टल
Montalbano Jonico हॉस्टल
Monte San Giusto हॉस्टल
Montecalvo Versiggia हॉस्टल
Montecatini-Terme (Montecatini Terme) हॉस्टल
Montelabbate हॉस्टल
Montelupone हॉस्टल
Montepulciano Stazione हॉस्टल
Monteroni di Lecce हॉस्टल
Montesilvano हॉस्टल
Monza हॉस्टल
Monzambano हॉस्टल
Morano Calabro हॉस्टल
Moscufo हॉस्टल
Napoli (Naples) हॉस्टल
Narni हॉस्टल
Nepi हॉस्टल
Neviano Gallpoli हॉस्टल
Nicolosi हॉस्टल
Nocera Umbra हॉस्टल
Noci हॉस्टल
Nonio हॉस्टल
Norcia हॉस्टल
Noto हॉस्टल
Nuoro हॉस्टल
Olbia Marittima हॉस्टल
Oliena हॉस्टल
Oristano हॉस्टल
Ortovero हॉस्टल
Orvieto हॉस्टल
Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo हॉस्टल
Otranto हॉस्टल
Paceco हॉस्टल
Padova (Padua) हॉस्टल
Padula हॉस्टल
Palermo हॉस्टल
Palinuro हॉस्टल
Palmi हॉस्टल
Panicale हॉस्टल
Parma हॉस्टल
Passignano Sul Trasimeno हॉस्टल
Patti हॉस्टल
Pedara हॉस्टल
Peio हॉस्टल
Penne हॉस्टल
Pergine Valdarno हॉस्टल
Perugia हॉस्टल
Pescara हॉस्टल
Pescia हॉस्टल
Pettenasco हॉस्टल
Piacenza हॉस्टल
Piano di Sorrento हॉस्टल
Piazza Armerina हॉस्टल
piazzano lucca हॉस्टल
Piedimonte Etneo हॉस्टल
Pietra Ligure हॉस्टल
Pietralunga हॉस्टल
Pietrasanta हॉस्टल
Pimonte हॉस्टल
Pineto हॉस्टल
Piraino हॉस्टल
Pisa हॉस्टल
Piscinas हॉस्टल
Pistoia हॉस्टल
Pizzo Calabro हॉस्टल
Pofi हॉस्टल
Poggiardo हॉस्टल
Poggibonsi हॉस्टल
Poggio Cupro हॉस्टल
Poggio Moiano हॉस्टल
Policastro Bussentino हॉस्टल
Polignano a Mare हॉस्टल
Pollina हॉस्टल
Pompei हॉस्टल
Pompei Scavi हॉस्टल
Porto Empedocle हॉस्टल
Porto San Paolo हॉस्टल
Porto Sant'Elpidio हॉस्टल
Portovenere हॉस्टल
Pozzallo हॉस्टल
Praiano हॉस्टल
Praja A Mare Calabria हॉस्टल
Prato हॉस्टल
Procida हॉस्टल
Quartu Sant'Elena हॉस्टल
Quiliano हॉस्टल
Racalmuto हॉस्टल
Ragusa हॉस्टल
Ragusa Ibla हॉस्टल
Randazzo हॉस्टल
Randazzo Taormina हॉस्टल
Ravello हॉस्टल
Ravenna हॉस्टल
Realmonte हॉस्टल
Reggio di Calabria (Reggio Calabria) हॉस्टल
Reggio Emilia हॉस्टल
Rende हॉस्टल
Rho हॉस्टल
Ricadi हॉस्टल
Riccione हॉस्टल
Rignano Flaminio हॉस्टल
Rimini हॉस्टल
Riola Sardo हॉस्टल
Ripabottoni हॉस्टल
Riva del Garda हॉस्टल
Rocca di Papa हॉस्टल
Roccastrada हॉस्टल
Rome (Roma) हॉस्टल
Ronciglione हॉस्टल
Roncola हॉस्टल
Rovereto हॉस्टल
Salerno हॉस्टल
Salice Salentino हॉस्टल
Salsomaggiore Terme हॉस्टल
Saluzzo हॉस्टल
San Baronto हॉस्टल
San Bellino हॉस्टल
San Benedetto Po हॉस्टल
San Casciano In Val Di Pesa हॉस्टल
San Casciano in Val di Pesa हॉस्टल
San Donato Val Di Comino हॉस्टल
San Felice del Benaco हॉस्टल
San Ferdinando हॉस्टल
San Gemini हॉस्टल
San Gimignano हॉस्टल
San Giovanni Rotondo हॉस्टल
San Martino di Castrozza हॉस्टल
San Miniato हॉस्टल
San Pietro In Cariano हॉस्टल
San Remo (Sanremo) हॉस्टल
San Secondo Parmense हॉस्टल
San Venanzo - Terni हॉस्टल
San Vito al Torre हॉस्टल
San Vito Lo Capo हॉस्टल
Sant'Agnello हॉस्टल
Sant'Angelo di Brolo हॉस्टल
Sant'Eufemia Lamezia हॉस्टल
Santa Margherita Ligure हॉस्टल
Santa Maria Capua Vetere हॉस्टल
Santa Teresa Gallura हॉस्टल
Santa Venerina हॉस्टल
Sarnano हॉस्टल
Saronno हॉस्टल
Sciacca हॉस्टल
Scilla हॉस्टल
Scurcola Marsicana हॉस्टल
Segni हॉस्टल
Seulo हॉस्टल
Siderno हॉस्टल
Siena हॉस्टल
Signa हॉस्टल
Silea हॉस्टल
Siracusa (Syracuse) हॉस्टल
Sirolo हॉस्टल
Soave हॉस्टल
Sondrio हॉस्टल
Soprabolzano हॉस्टल
Sorrento हॉस्टल
Sorso हॉस्टल
Specchia हॉस्टल
Spigno Monferrato हॉस्टल
Spigno Saturnia हॉस्टल
Spinea हॉस्टल
Spoleto हॉस्टल
Spoltore हॉस्टल
Squillace हॉस्टल
Sternatia हॉस्टल
Stresa हॉस्टल
Stromboli हॉस्टल
Sulmona हॉस्टल
Taormina हॉस्टल
Taormina - Letojanni हॉस्टल
Taormina - Sant'alessio Siculo हॉस्टल
Taranto हॉस्टल
Tarquinia हॉस्टल
Tavarnelle Val di Pesa हॉस्टल
Terrasini हॉस्टल
Teulada हॉस्टल
Tiggiano हॉस्टल
Todi हॉस्टल
Torbole Sul Garda हॉस्टल
Torchiarolo हॉस्टल
Torino (Turin) हॉस्टल
Torre Dei Corsari हॉस्टल
Torre Melissa हॉस्टल
Tortoli हॉस्टल
Trani हॉस्टल
Trapani हॉस्टल
Trappeto हॉस्टल
Tregnago हॉस्टल
Treviso हॉस्टल
Trieste हॉस्टल
Tropea हॉस्टल
Turin हॉस्टल
Turin - Candia Canavese हॉस्टल
Umbria हॉस्टल
Urbana हॉस्टल
Urbino हॉस्टल
Uta हॉस्टल
Valderice हॉस्टल
Valeggio sul Mincio हॉस्टल
Valganna हॉस्टल
Valledoria हॉस्टल
Varenna हॉस्टल
Vasto हॉस्टल
Vejano हॉस्टल
Velletri हॉस्टल
Venezia (Venice) हॉस्टल
Venice (Venezia) हॉस्टल
Venice Mirano हॉस्टल
Venice Zero Branco हॉस्टल
Ventimiglia हॉस्टल
Vercelli हॉस्टल
Verona हॉस्टल
Viareggio हॉस्टल
Vibo Valentia हॉस्टल
Vibo Valentia Marina हॉस्टल
Vico del Gargano हॉस्टल
Vico Equense हॉस्टल
Vicopisano हॉस्टल
Vieste हॉस्टल
Villa San Giovanni हॉस्टल
Villamagna हॉस्टल
Villanova Monteleone हॉस्टल
Villaromagnano हॉस्टल
Villasimius हॉस्टल
Vinchio हॉस्टल
Viterbo हॉस्टल
Vittorio Veneto हॉस्टल
Vulcano हॉस्टल
Zagarolo हॉस्टल
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