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Лучшие места:

Porto, Portugal

Hotel America
Пользовательская оценка:  3.0   (Читать отзывы)
цены от €65
Porto, Rua Santa Catarina 1018   
Отель - СОВРЕМЕННЫЙ ОТЕЛЬ расположен в центре города
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Eden House
Пользовательская оценка:  2.4   (Читать отзывы)
цены от €14
Porto, Rua Dos Bragas Nº95   
Guesthouse - Our objective is to offer the best stay in the city and help you to experience the best the city has to offer.
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Braganca Oporto Hotelцены от €25
Porto, Rua Arq Nicolau Nazoni 12   
Bed and breakfast - Cozy city center low budget hotel
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CRP Apartments Batalha 2цены от €65
Porto, Rua Alexandre Herculano 341 3º   
Apartment - O apartamento com espirito citadino, a 100 m do centro historico
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Almada Guesthouseцены от €35
Porto, Almada Guesthouse   
Пансион - Порту старого города
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Alma Porto Hostelцены от €12
Porto, Rua Do Bonfim Nº305-B   
Hostel - Alma Porto Hostel is a small homy and chilled Hostel. Our smooth colors, lounge areas and relaxing atmospher allows you to enjoy all the best that our city has to offer.
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Residencial Monte Carloцены от €30
Porto, Avenida Fernão de Magalhães 45   
Guesthouse - Residencial Monte Carlo is a charming logement, recently renovated, to tourists looking for a quality service in a cozy and quiet atmosphere.
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Santa Clara Portoцены от €50
Porto, Rua da Alegria 313   
Hotel - Santa Clara is a small and cozy hotel in the city center. Its aim is to provide a complete service with all features that an hotel has but in a calm atmosphere with comfort.
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Porto Music Guest Houseцены от €90
Porto, Avenida Da Boavista, 601   
Guesthouse - A traditional centennial house in the city of Porto with 7 rooms. Located in the avenue where the luxury hotels of the city are, this guest house is the alternative to those who look for a more personalized service and a quiet environment.
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Faro, Portugal

Residencial Mestre D Avis
Пользовательская оценка:  3.0   (Читать 4 отзывы)
цены от €45
Faro, Rua Teofilo Braga Nº 38/40/42, Faro   
Гостевой д - Mestre D `Avis Residencial расположен в центре города Фару.
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Guesthouse Sao Filipeцены от €31
Faro, Rua Infante Dom Henrique, 55 - 1º   
Guesthouse - Our establishment consists of eleven bedrooms where we offer you tranquility, with a warm and friendly atmosphere, providing our guests to the ultimate personalised service. This is without a doubt our most important attribute
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Casa d'Alagoaцены от €50
Faro, Praça Alexandre Herculano 27   
Hostel - The first hostel in Faro. Come and visit our house and check out why our guests keep coming back. :-)
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Sleepin Faro Hostelцены от €15
Faro, Largo Da Estacao   
Hostel - Welcome to Sleepin Faro. Our hostel is located right in centre of Faro, next to the train station , 2 min walking from the bus station and just a short stroll away from the main city attractions!
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1878 Hostel Faroцены от €17
Faro, Rua Serpa Pinto 29   
Hostel - Hostel in a century-old building
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Coimbra, Portugal

Serenata Hostelцены от €17
Coimbra, Largo Da Sé Velha Nº21/23   
Hostel - In Coimbra the building of the old Bissaya Barreto’s Maternity Hospital and , lately, the Music’s Conservatoire welcomes now the birth of Serenata Hostel.
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Dream On Coimbra - Eco Hostelцены от €15
Coimbra, Avenida Dom Afonso Henriques 31   
Hostel - If you come to Coimbra you have to stay with us! Located in a privileged area, just five minutes walking to the historic area, ideal to discover the great natural, historical and cultural heritage of our city. The perfect place to sleep!!
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Becoimbra Hostelsцены от €15
Coimbra, Rua Do Corvo Nº 33   
Hostel - Located in the center of the city. Perfect for both short stays and long stays, either if it's just you or a larger group. Free Tv, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, linen and towels included, free kichen access, laundry service in each 24h, lounge room, washing a
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Sao Jorge de Arroios, Portugal

Sweet Dreams Hostelцены от €7
Sao Jorge de Arroios, Calçada Poço Dos Mouros Nº12A   
Hostel - 7 quartos, 4 banheiros e um lindo terraço ao ar livre .
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Sesimbra, Portugal

Casa de Sesimbraцены от €43
Sesimbra, Setubal   
Квартира - Квартира на берегу моря в Sesimbra
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Лучшие предложения общежития и недорогие хостелы в Portugal - Euro Hostel Traveler.

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